Loading Screen helps the system to fetch in the background a few important elements and a lot of data for the tour. WalkInto uses three important elements from your tour to create the loading screen.  By setting up these three elements correctly your tour will have the perfect Loading Screen.

1. Name of the Tour

We are yet to see a tour without a name specified.  It is very easy and intuitive to setup the name correctly from the editor.  Please always do this when you are starting to work on a tour.

2. A description of your tour.

Tour description is the blurb WalkInto shows below the tour name on the loading screen.

Creating this is not so intuitive on WalkInto as of Dec 2014.  We recognize and are seriously thinking about something better.  But as of now you need to use the 'Post Card' on the upper right of the editor screen to define a tour description.  This is the same description that will be used to tell briefly about the tour shen the tour is shared on Social media Posts.  Hence the name 'Tour Post Card'

On clicking the Post Card Icon you will get the Post Card setup window.  Here you can define a title (for social media), Description as well as you get to click a picture for your tour.  

3. The Loading backdrop Image

This picture will be the face of your tour when the tour link is scared on social sites.  If you do not click a picture here, WalkInto will do an intelligent defaulting for the face of the tour.  We deduce the first scene of your tour and use that as the face of your tour.  It might all sound a bit confusing but when you try it you will know the whole thing is a piece of cake.  

To click the tour face photo, you click on the shutter icon, then turn the tour to the scene, angle, zoom that you want and click on the shutter again.

When you take a photo like this the Post Card screen will load back with the clicked scene.

With these steps, your Post Card as well as your loading screen will be picture perfect!

More on loading Backdrop image

WalkInto tries to make a reasonable guess about the first scene of your tour in case you have not setup a tour face photo.  WalkInto sill first look whether you have setup a starting scene by clicking the 'Tick' mark on the editor.


If the first scene is not setup then WalkInto will use the first Navigation item on your menu as the starting scene of your tour.

These are all steps to do to give your tour an awesome landing page that works beautifully on mobile and desktop