Different types of Hotspots in WalkInto.

1. Scene Hotspot.

At the moment WalkInto provides scene hotspot. This is a hotspot which is on a scene, this means that once you load a scene to your tour, the hotspot is seen only when that particular scene is viewed. When the viewer changes the view port of the scene the hotspot remains on the position that the editor has placed it in.

2. Focus Hotspot.

Click-able hotspot sections on your tour - for example a nice painting on the wall. You can let the user learn more about the clicked object through text, images audio, and video. Reuse the hotspot content elsewhere on the tour to annotate the tour quickly and consistently. This hotspot will remain on the item even when the user navigates to a different view in the same scene.

(Coming Soon)

3. Viewport/ Boundary Hotspot.

Viewport hotspots are as engaging as the focus hotspots. As user moves through the tour viewport hotspot messages will appear depending on viewing angle. For example you might want to show the user a booking form when they have navigated to a hotel room.

(Coming Soon)