This document will help you understand how to add videos and photos in a hotspot. 

Step 1:

Log into your dashboard and click on Tour you want to add hotspots to. Here we have chosen a restaurant tour from our dashboard to add hotspots.

Once the tour is opened select the scene in which the hotspot are to be added.

Here we will be showing you to editing in 360 tourcard ,you can chose any from the options available. When you click on the hotspot icon on top right corner a default hotspot is opened with Title bar and body.This hotspot window can be dragged to any location on the scene where you want to position it when you preview the tour.You can use the default template or you can choose from available pre-defined templates.

Above image shows the templates that are available to use. Here we are going to use the free hand template/Blank Template.

Once the template is selected you can edit it as required. First we will see how to add a video to a hotspot.

Click on the field where you want to add a video, you will get a tool bar with YouTube icon on it. Click on that icon and you will be directed to another window which would have the following details.

In a separate window, load the required YouTube video and copy the video URL from the address bar and paste in the above mentioned field. You can set the height and width of the video and adjust the hotspot accordingly. You can also set the video on autoplay mode to auto play it in preview mode.

Video is seen in your hotspot window now. You can set the size of the hotspot to fit in the video of predefined size, add background color, adjust opacity of the background etc. Clicking on the setting icon will give you number of customization options, such as to show the background embossed or flat, should the hotspot be draggable or fixed positioned etc. You can choose from the options featured on the settings window as needed. You can see how the hotspot will look like in preview mode by clicking on the eye option on the top right of the hotspot window.

Step 1:

Adding images to hotspots

As we learnt how to add videos to hotspot similarly adding images is also possible.Click on Hotspot icon and select the template required. Here we are using predefined template.You can also use free hand template for the same. Click on the image icon and you will get an image icon on top.

You can paste the image URL or upload an image from your machine. Adjust width and height as required.You can also put a link on the image to make it click-able.


Adjust background color, font style, color, size etc to make it more attractive and move the hotspot to the required position and it will be saved to that position.