In this post we will show you how you can add sound to your tour.

NOTE: On Mac, to delete an Ambient Sound, you first select the sound by clicking on the icon and then use FN+DEL keys together to delete it.  In all other systems you use a DELETE key.


Log into your dashboard and open an existing tour in which you wish to add sound.

Note: This sound is for the entire tour and not for a single scene. It is an ambient sound that can be heard in the entire tour. Only the intensity of the sound will increase or decrease depending on how close or far you are from the point you have place the sound. It is like the real sound you hear when you are in a quiet hotel or a busy street, sound that you hear will differ according to the closeness to the source or if you facing it or far away from it.


Here we are going to use an existing tour in which we would insert audio to the tour.

Once the tour loads in WalkInto editor you will see a audio note icon on the top right.

Clicking on the icon will place an audio note icon on the scene you are on. 

Double click on the note icon and a window opens with some options to add sound. You can use the predefined sound that are available or you can upload a sound file  for the tour. You can also hear the predefined or the uploaded sound by clicking on the play button in the same window. You can also set the volume for the sound to be used.

Once you select the sound click on the save and close button. 

For Deleting the sound you can single click on the sound icon and it becomes red just click on the red button and you sound will be deleted.

You can also see the sound that you have added to your tour by clicking on map mode, and add or delete sound from tour.

Hence you can easily add a sound to your tour and add life to it.