Q.1. Can we add imagery of different elements in WalkInto to create different menus?

A.1. Yes, It is possible to add different element imagery in WalkInto. All you need to do is to load the imagery in Google Maps and then copy the URL, paste the URL in WalkInto editors search box and hit enter. This will load the Imagery and you can use it to create a menu.

Q.2. WalkInto loads a different imagery from URL and not the one it shows on Google Maps.

A.2. Yes, due to few bugs on Google Maps it is possible that the same imagery will not be loaded by WalkInto. When the imagery is loaded on Google Maps return to Classic Google Maps by using the question mark icon at the bottom of the Google Maps screen. Let the imagery load in Classic Google Maps. Copy the URL from Classic Maps and paste it in the WalkInto editor search bar. This will load the correct imagery and you can use it to create the menus you want.