At this point you have followed the instruction on Part 1 and setup the 'walkinto' S3 bucket.  You also have used WalkInto tiler to process an equirectangular panorama to a WalkInto tile set.  before you can import this panorama to Walkinto you need host these tiles on your Amazon S3 bucket.  This article will walk you through the steps to do so.

Walkinto tiler will create a tile set folder similar to what is shown below.  You are looking at the content of the Pano Folder : PANO_testpano.  This is the folder you will be copying to Amazon S3.

The name of the folder, number of folders inside and the thumbnail will vary depending on the size of the original panorama.  


We will be copying the whole pano folder to the Amazon S3 bucket 'walkinto'.  The folder we will be copying in this example is 'PANO_testpano'.

Login to AWS and open the S3 Bucket 'walkinto'

Click on Upload to bring up the upload dialog.

Drag and drop the folder PANO_testpano to the section that says 'Drag and drop files and folders to upload here.'

Click on 'Start Upload' to begin transferring the Pano Folder to the S3 bucket.

You can see the transfer progress almost immediately

Now, the Pano Folder is in your S3 Bucket.  What you need at this point is the URL to this folder so that you can use it in WalkInto.  To get it 'Click' on the folder - PANO_testpano to Open it. 'Right Click' on file metadata.json and open it's properties


The URL you need to import this pano we just uploaded to WalkInto is :

Note that there is no last '/' and there is no metadata.json at the end.

Congratulations! You are now ready to import this Panorama in WalkInto