You need to import the Panorama images hosted external to Google Streetview to WalkInto before it can be used in a tour.  Once it is imported this hosted panorama can be used just like any other panorama can be.  the tool to get started is on the top bar in the editor.  It brings up a Panorama browser through which you can browse your already imported Panorama.  You can also add and manage new Panorama here.  This article will walk you through the steps for managing externally hosted Panorama in WalkInto.

Importing new Panorama

Clicking the    tool will bring up the Hosted Pano Manager window.  

The first tab is where you can input the Pano Folder HTTP link.  While WalkInto does internal sanity checks to make sure that the URL is correct, it will be prudent to make sure that the URL is in the right format.  An example of the expected URL format is this


  • NO Ending /
  • It ends with the Pano Folder name.
  • There is no .html .jpeg etc. at the end.


This folder on the AWS end looks like this. This EXAMPLE link is a perfectly working hosted panorama that you are free to use for experimenting with this feature.



Now, go ahead and plugin the URL and click Import :  .  If everything is well then you will see a screen with the thumbnail of the panorama.

Here is the next screen with the Panorama thumbnail

You are encouraged to do a few very important things here. 

Give Panorama a Name:

You can click on the name shown right below the thumbnail to give it an identifiable name.  This name is imported in from the name you have given to this panorama when you processed it using WalkIntoTiler.  You can change it here if you want to.  This name is used for search in the 'Browse' section.  So using a name 'BUSINESS_NAME-Pano_1' will help you group all related panos and look at it later.  

Set panorama location on map

WalkInto tries to parse the EXIF GPS data from the imported panorama and use it for hinting the location.  But you must check the accuracy and correct the location by placing the location pin at the correct point on the map.  You need to click save after adjusting the location.

Click 'Back' to get back to the thumbnail view after you have 'Saved' the correct location.  At this point this Pano is 'registered' in your WalkInto account for immediate or later use.  If you want to use this panorama later you cam always find it in the 'Browse' tab.

To open the Panorama in your editor click 'Open In Editor'.  Once it is in the editor you can use it just like any other Pano coming from Google Streetview.

Congratulations you have just learnt how to create, host and use external Panorama in WalkInto!