Version 2.0 of WalkInto tiler does a single function.  You can select one equi rectangular panorama at a time and process it to creates a folder containing panorama tiled and processed to an image organization supported by WalkInto.  This article outlines the simple steps to do this task.

Once you save the settings, the application will navigate you to the “Walkinto-Tiler” home page.

Click on “Select File” or “Select Folder” button (If you wanted to process a single Panorama, select “Select Filebutton or If you wanted to process a batch of Panorams select “Select Folderbutton)

Select the File for Processing:

Select the Equirectangular panorama you want to process.  This is the image that you have stitched using your favorite stitching software.  PTGui, HUGIN or whatever else is you favorite for the purpose.  It is important for the panorama to be in 'Equirectangular' aspect ratio.  What it means is the width of the image is twice the height.  For example 10,000px X 5000px is equirectangular where as 9000px X 5000px is not.  The width represents 360 degree of horizontal field of view and height the 180 degree vertical field of view.

Click on “Select File” button -> Browse the Panorama - Click on “Open

System will load the image and show you a thumbnail.

Recommended setting for 'Quality' : 'Better'

Recommended setting for 'Tile Size' : 512

You can safely leave it at that.  'Best' for quality will make the disk size of tile folder 2X and selecting 'Good' for quality will make the total size for uploading to 1/2 of default setting.

System will also show a default 'Title'. This is the filename you have selected.  You can change the name to another easier to identify name if you want to.  You will also get to change this even later after importing to WalkInto.

Tile Panorama

To start the tiling process click 'Tile'.  This will create a new folder inside the folder specified in your configuration 'Tiler file Location'. By default system will use the panorama image name to create this folder. You are free to rename this folder to something else if you need to.  

Everything should go well now and system will show you a progress and eventually a successful completion message. If it does not happen then immediately please contact the support with as much details of the problem as you can.

You can now host this folder on a web server and import in WalkInto.