WalkInto tiler is the desktop software to process a JPEG equirectangular Panorama to our tile format.  This processing creates Panorama Folder.  This Panorama Folder can be imported in WalkInto by hosting it on a Web Server.  This article describes the steps for installing and configuring WalkInto tiler.

Step 1: Get the Software ZIP

You can download the ZIP file specific to your operating system from the following locations - 

  1. Linux 32 bit
  2. Linux 64 bit

  • The tiler will be downloaded into your local machine. By default it will be downloaded to your Downloads folder (/home/username / Downloads).

  • If you want you can move the .zip file wherever you want in the local system.

  • Right click on the zip file and click on “Extract here”




  • A folder will be created as shown above. Go inside “walkintotiler” folder by double clicking on it.

  • Right click on “START_WalkintoTiler-L64”

  • Go to Properties -> Click on “Permissions” tab on the top -> Enable the Checkbox “Allow executing file as program”


  • Click on “Close” button

  • Then double click on the “START_WalkintoTiler-L64”

  • The “WalkintoTiler” application will open up for you.



Congratulation you have successfully installed WalkInto Tiler.  Enjoy!