FileZilla is a very popular and reliable FTP client that works well on Windows, Mac and Linux.  You can download it  from here : FileZilla Download.  Follow the installation instructions from the site.

IMPORTANT:  You need to first prepare yor tiled panprama or batch using WalkInto tiler.  If you do not know how to please follow the instruction here .

After you have installed Filezilla you can configure it one time to set it up for all your file transfers to PanoHost using these instructions.

  • Open Filezilla Client

  • Click on “Open Site Manager”


  • Click on New site

  • You can rename the “New Site” if you want. For Example “Panohost”


  • Enter the ”FTP Account” Details which is mentioned on you Dashboard

  • Host = “”

  • Logon Type = “Normal”

  • Username = Use your Email address as your “Username “ which is mentioned in the Dashboard

  • Password = Mentioned in the Dashboard


For Fast Upload

  • Click on “Edit” in the left top


  • Then Click on “Settings

  • A new Window will open in the Screen

  • Click on Transfers

  • Set the Maximum simultaneous transfers 10

  • Click on “OK” button


  • Now you can start uploading the files to the server.

  • The new site is added to your “Site manager” tab. Whenever you want to connect to “ “- Go to Site Manager - Select the site “panohost” Click on “ Connect” Button