If you are using PanoHost to publish your panorama then you have an easy option to synchronize the batches and panos you put on PanoHost with your walkInto account.  This article discusses how to set this feature up and use it.

PanoHost is a fast panorama hosting service from WalkInto. It is currently running in a closed beta with a small set of WalkInto users. We expect to make it available for public use for everyone by Feb 2016.

Step1: Get the required credentials from your PanoHost account.

Login to your PannoHost account.  On your PanoHost dashboard you will see a section titled Walkinto Integration.  Your secret key is on this block.  You also will need the panohost login email.

Step 2: Login to your Walkinto dashboard 

on another browser window or tab.  You can copy and paste the credentials from your PanoHost dashboard to setup the link.  You need to go to 'Profile Edit'  on your WalkInto dashboard.

On the profile edit screen go to the Pano Host section.

Enter Email and SYNC KEY from PanoHost dashboard here

Click save and your setup is complete.

Step 3 : Importing using PanoSyc : Editor.

Once you have successfully setup your PanoHost linking on WalkInto your panorama import screen will show an additional section for Syncing with PanoHost


Clicking on the Green SYNC button will import all NEW Batches and Panos from your PanoHost account to WalkInto.  Please note that this sync WILL NOT automatically delete any folders you removed from PanoHost.  In case you have deleted an earlier synced Pano from your PanoHost you need to delete it yourself from WalkInto.

System will update you on the status of Sync operation.


You will be able to immediately use the synced panos in your WalkInto.

Congratulations you have successfully setup a critical piece that will add productivity to your publishing workflow.