• After tiling the Pano, you can find a "Upload" button on the screen.

  • Click on “Upload” button
  • It will navigate to ‘Pano Upload Screen'

Here you can find Two tabs “Local” and “Panohost

In “Local” it will show all your local tiled files, and folders.

In “Panohost” it will show your data which is already uploaded to the server.

  • Select the Item which you wanted to upload - Check the check box - > Click on “Upload Selected” button
  • You will get a message that the “Upload is scheduled” -> Click “OK
  • You can see the upload status on the screen
  • Once the Upload is completed, the color will change to Green
  • Once this Process is done, you can verify the data on the Panohost
  • Click on the Panohost tab on the screen
  • If you wanted to delete the data from the server, you can select the item and click on “ Delete Selected
  • The Data will be permanently delete from the server.