Customers  you everyday a WalkInto is on their website

- Donald Draper, NYC, 1967

It is your professional responsibility to help your customer overcome technical challenges involved with website integration.   We recommend you mastering the approaches and simple techniques for embedding WalkInto to web sites.  In this article we are discussing successful strategies seen on web sites that has included   WalkInto to to engage visitors and convert visits to business.  We will also cover some social engineering skills, common objections and successful strategies to overcome common objections.

The email to customer with <IFRAME> code is a beginning - not the end.

WalkInto included to a business website increases repeat business potential for you through engagement opportunities.  By as much as 85%.  Therefore it is very important that you manage this final phase of project for a successful long term customer relationship.
  • Overlay enhancements, 
  • Performance Reports, 
  • Tour Analytics, 
  • Marketing Campaigns, 
  • Renewals and 
  • Re-shoots
  • Referrals and In-bounds. 

How to get the Embed Code for a Walkinto?

You get the embed code from dashboard.  Embed code will be available for every published tour.  Tours yet published cannot be embedded to external websites.  See the short video below to understand how to get embed code for a published tour.

Comparison of different embedding options

WalkInto currently offers three ways for website embedding.

Standard IFrame

Simple and straight forward but with a small performance overhead in loading speed for the parent page.

Dynamic IFrame

Speeds up parent page loading.  IFrame loads dynamically in the background using JavaScript.


Thirdparty, specialized Embed option.  Embedly Branded with an option to turn off.