In this short post we will describe the workflow for adding menus and sub-menus into WalkInto tour for better navigation.

We will be using Hotel Ritz-Carlton, U.S.A to help understand how Menu and Sub-menu works. Lets get started.

Step 1:

Log into your dashboard and click on the tour in which you want to add navigation menu.

Editor Screen

Once the scene is open on the editor you can add a navigation point for it on the menu. 

The menu has two modes.  Edit mode and viewer mode.  To activate the edit mode you click the small blue pencil on top right of the menu structure.  To add the very first menu item you just click on the " + " icon.

A newly added menu comes up in the edit mode.  Here you can edit the name as well as the corresponding scene.  The scene is exactly what you just see on the editor screen.  Angles as well as the zoom level.  Once created you can always go back and adjust the scene or even change the scene to a totally different location. It is quite flexible and standardized. Adjust the scene, enter the name and click on save to save the first menu item.

When saved  the menu item appears like this. Note that it is still in an overall edit mode. On the right you have a " + " for adding sub menus and on left you have edit and delete buttons. All in line to the entry.

Now your first menu is created.

Step 2:

Adding Sub-Menu to your existing Menu.

Click on the " + " icon in edit mode of the menu. Keep in mind that the + icon does not show up until you hover on the menu.

Set the scene you wish to have as landing scene for your Sub-menu, enter the name and click on save button.

We have successfully created a Menu and a Sub-Menu for the tour. We can create as many Menus and Sub-Menus in the similar manner.

We recommend to pre plan your Menus and Sub-Menus to be at minimum to avoid a large cluster. 

Step 3: 

Making a Menu Non Click-able.

You may want to keep your Menu Non Click-able. For this, Click on the white pencil icon on the left top corner of the menu in edit mode and toggle between link and Un-link icon at the right top corner of the menu. Click save to create the non click-able menu.