This Document will help you in understanding how to use short-list option to save scenes that can be used for making a tour at any given time.

Step 1:

Log into your dashboard and click on Add New Tour button.  This will open up the editor with a world map view inviting you to pick scenes.

 Once the above page is loaded give tour the required name and click on save. You can now search the desired location in the search box by typing the location name or pasting the URL from Google Maps.

You can toggle ON the map layer by clicking on the pegman on the top right of the tour window.This will show all Photo spheres, Business Views and Street Views that are available in nearby area that can be used. 


Once you click on the required scene a pop up window shows the scene present at that location. User may choose to open or short-list the scene.

 Short-listed scenes will show up on the right top of the tour scene window and opened scene will be loaded and can be set as the landing scene or short-listed for later use.

Once you short-list the desired scenes you can use them at any time while making the tour. Just click on the short-list icon and a window showing all short-listed scenes will show up. Use the arrows on the window to scroll through the scenes and click on the tick to open and use the scene.

Hence short-listing feature is easy to use and provides you with great help to short-list the scenes that you will require while making a tour at just a click.