In this post I will show you how Tour Settings work and change your tour.  

Tour Settings can be modified for any licensed tours.  When a license of a tour expires all the tour settings will automatically revert to the defaults.  Adjusting these settings gives tremendous control over the features available on a tour.

Tour settings can be controlled and editted in two ways.

1. By using the settings for Individual tours.

2. By using the Master Tour settings in the Dashboard.


Log into your dashboard and click on a tour.

Once you open the tour, you'll see a grid icon on the top right corner of your WalkInto editor. And then click on the Settings Icon.

By Default all of the settings option are selected. One by one I will show you how these affect a tour.

1. Enable Voice Command.

As the name suggests this option is to Enable Voice Command. WalkInto tours can be navigated in using voice. Editor/Owner of a tour has the option to give the user this option. If selected the user can control the tour with giving appropriate voice commands, and if not selected the user will not get the option. 

2.Allow Full Screen Mode.

As the name suggests this option is to give the user an option to view the tour in Full Screen mode.

3. Allow Social Sharing.

This option gives you the control over your tours getting shared on Social Media (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.) Many a times you might want to keep your tour specifically on your website, for this uncheck the option and it will not show the sharing option to the viewer.


4. Show Profile.

Show profile lets you select if you want your WalkInto profile to be visible or not.



5. Indexed by Search Engines.

You can select if you want your tours to be Indexed by the search engines or not.

6. Include on Site Gallery.

WalkInto has its own site gallery where popular tours are showcased. You can select this option if you don't mind WalkInto to use your tour to showcase in this gallery. 

WalkInto Gallery

7. Can Show Advertisement.

You can select if you want WalkInto to show Ads by Google on your tour. For the first year of WalkInto all tours will be Ads free. But after that tours will have Ads. You can select to show these Ads on tours if you would like or uncheck the box if you don't wish to.

8. Show Tour Description.

Choose if you want to show tour description or not. 


9. Show Location Map.

Choose to show the Maps Location of your selected scene. 


10. Show WalkInto Logo.

On the bottom left corner of your tour you will find the WalkInto Logo. You can choose to show this Logo on tours by checking or unchecking the option.


11. Allow Copy Scene URL.

Copy Scene URL allows the user to get the link of your tour to use it in his own tour or to use the link in any other way he wishes to. You get the option to allow this feature to show on your tour. You can find the Scene Link URL at the bottom left corner.


12. Allow Google+ and Facebook Comments.

Enabling Allow Google+ comments and Facebook comments will show the Google+ comments and Facebook Comments for the tour on walkinto itself. And disabling it will hide it. A user can comment directly using the walkinto comment dialog box.


13. Loading Screen Waits

Enabling Loading screen waits will show a button on the loading screen of the tour. A user will have to click on this button to enter the tour. It is helpful if you want to force the user to read the description that you have entered. Disabling it will hide the button and tour will load automatically without asking for a user action.



All the above mentioned settings can also be controlled from the dashboard. 


Clicking on the Master Tour settings icon will open a dialog box.

Here, you can enable or disable all the tour settings and apple these settings to all the tours. These settings will be saved as your Master settings. To apply these settings on an existing tour or directly apply the master setting on new tours. click on the vertical ellipsis icon of a tour and click on the settings.

The settings dialog box will open. You can enable or disable the settings here or use the "Use Master Settings" to apply your master settings to the tour.