In this post we will show you how to make a personalised tour using themes.

Log into your dashboard and open a tour.

Existing tour: 

The tour above has WalkInto Default theme. Black Background, white text and icon colour and Cyan as its Mouse over colour.

Changing Background colour in WalkInto reflects on your Top bar, Navigation menu, Settings drop down, Rotation settings and Hotspot Title bar.

Top Bar:

Navigation Menu:

Tour settings drop down:

Hotspot Title Bar:

Rotation settings:

Changing Text & Icon colour in WalkInto reflects in all the text and icons of the tour. Except the text in the body of a hotspot.

Changing Mouse Over in WalkInto reflects on the text and icons. This is seen when you mouse over on it.

             No Mouse Over                                                   With Mouse Over


Now, lets go ahead and apply a theme to the tour.

To apply a theme click on the theme icon on top bar. This opens up a dialog box with WalkInto Themes and My Themes. 

WalkInto themes have pre defined themes that are available for you to use and edit as per your liking.

My Themes will have all your personally designed themes and your customised themes which automatically get saved when you edit a pre defined WalkInto theme.

To select a pre defined WalkInto theme, just choose the one that makes your tour look the best and select it by clicking on it. 

Here we selected the Simple Greys theme. Once selected you will notice a green tick mark on it. Once you apply the theme all the changes will reflect on your tour.

Alternatively, you can select one of the pre defined WalkInto Themes and edit it to meet your liking. 

To edit a WalkInto theme, just select the theme and click on the pencil icon that show up at the bottom right of the selected theme.

Clicking on the pencil icon opens up the dialog box with colour palettes to change the theme.

Here, you can select your desired Bakground colour, Text & Icon colour and Mouse over colour. You can pick from the pre defined colour palette provided or you can customise the colours by using colour picker. In colour picker you can also set the transparency for theme colour. You can change the Font Style and Font Size. All of these changes will be seen in the preview button provided, also you can click on the Preview button to reflect these changes on the tour. Once you are satisfied with the colours you have picked you can save this theme my naming it. This theme will be saved in "My Themes" tab.

Similarly, you can create your own theme. For this, click on the theme icon on top bar and click on "New"

You can edit and delete your themes. Deleting a theme will affect the tours you have applied that particular theme to, deletion will change the tour theme to WalkInto default theme.

You can match the tour colours to your logo colours, website etc. Use themes to make your tours more personal, promoting your brand and to in general make your tours more attractive.