In this post we will show you how you can turn your navigation menu in thumbnail format.

Step 1:

Log into your dashboard and click on the tour in which you want to add thumbnail menu.

When you create a navigation menu you set a landing scene to the particular menu. That scene will be taken as a thumbnail for the menu you have added.

Now to change from default List Menu to Thumbnail Menu be sure you are on edit mode and click on the image icon at the bottom of the navigation list.


To Preview the Thumbnail Menu you can click on the image icon at the top of the navigation list.

In Preview mode you can see the Thumbnail Format and the Menus having Sub Menu will be represented by an image icon on the thumbnail.

 Once you click on the Menu with a Sub menu a List of the Thumbnail Sub Menus will replace the current menus.Top Image would show you a back to return to previous list.

Every tour would have the default list Menu which can be changed as Thumbnail at any time.

Mobile Preview :