Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that helps authors in doing detailed analysis of visitor engagement on a web page. If you are new to Google Analytics, we recommend you to go through the following videos to get a quick understanding of Google Analytics, how it works and how useful it is.

If you do not already have enabled this for your Google account we recommend you do that now. Here is a helpful video that walks you through the steps of setting up a basic Google Analytics account. 

Within one Analytics Account you can have different sub accounts for different web pages you need statistics on.  Our recommendation is to setup a new Sub Account for all your WalkInto tours. Reporting will be done cleanly grouped into different tours.  That part is taken care of by WalkInto.  

You can import these report templates created by WalkInto for getting a Quick start on analyzing Tour Events.  Once imported these reports will be available under 'Customization'.  You can add the reports to your Analytics Dashboard also.

NOTE: All data on Google Analytics 
dashboard is not updated in Real time.  
Usually it is totaled once every day.  
There is a 'Real Time' section on the 
left panel through which you can 
see live action and an accumulated data feed for 

the last 30 minutes.  

So, please do not worry your views and clicks 

are not coming up as you try. 

Here is a link to Google Analytics help, in case you have a specific query Detailed Help on Google Analytics

Setup Analytics for all your Tours

WalkInto uses Google Analytics to log and track user behavior while the user interacts with a WalkInto tour.  Enabling Google Analytics Reporting for your WalkInto tours gives you very meaningful insights into how your viewers are engaging with the tours. In additions to the detailed Page View information (Time, Location, Duration, Frequency) WalkInto also provides detailed Event reporting within a tour. This currently includes the following events - 

  • Menu click
  • Hotspot Click
  • Tourcard link Click
  • Tourcard show/hide
  • Start/Stop auto-rotation
  • Audio played/paused
  • Social media share
  • Full-screen mode
  • Location Map Seen
  • Tour Info window Seen
  • Search results clicked

Insights from these tracked events will help you fine tune your tour to make it more engaging.

Here is an example of how to create a new Google Analytics account to track all your tours

Once you have setup an account, you will get a Tracking ID.  It usually is in a pattern with 'UA-XXXXX-X'.  

All you need to tell WalkInto is what this ID is.  This you can setup in Master Settings on your WalkInto dashboard.

That is all you need to do to start getting Tour Analytics for all your WalkInto tours.  

Setting up Analytics for Individual Tours

You can also setup analytics for individual tours from the Editor.  The ID you setup here will get statistics only for a tour.  This might be useful when you want to share statistics with a customer.  By providing the same Tracking ID for a set of tours statistics for all those tours will get sent to the same analytics account.  This feature will be useful when same customer has multiple tours created by you.

Configuring your Tour Cards for Google Analytics

IMPORTANT: To identify a Tour Card correctly in reports  you should provide a meaningful name to it.  You can add a name from the settings panel of the Tour Card

How to use Analytics Reports?

Analytics statistics are available real time in the 'Real-Time' section of Google Analytics. To get the full power of understanding user engagement you can create custom reports. We highly recommend importing useful report templates from Google Analytics solutions Gallery to fit your needs.  These solutions, once imported will be available from 'Customization' tab on Google Analytics dashboard.

More details about WalkInto Statistics are available on the Event reports.  These events are not listed by default on Analytics dashboard, but you can add it to your dashboard by customizing the view.  We will be publishing some reporting tools within WalkInto in the near future to make it really easy to make meaning out of all the data WalkInto publishes on to Google Analytics.

Learn more with Google Documentation