In this short post I will describe how you can quickly edit a menu item for an existing tour.


I will be using an existing tour named "Around the world in 80 days" to show you the steps.

Step 1:

Log into your dashboard and click on the tour in which you want to add navigation menu.


Editor Screen

Once the scene is open on the editor you can edit the menu items that are in your tour.

The menu has two modes.  Edit mode and viewer mode.  To activate the edit mode you click the pencil on top right of the menu.

Once you are on edit mode, go to the menu item where you want to change the imagery. The menu item will also have a pencil button to make your edits.

Click on the pencil button to edit the menu item. 


Change your imagery to the view you want and click on the save button. This will change the point of view for that particular menu.



Similarly, if you want to replace the existing imagery. You can go to the edit mode and load the new imagery you want to replace the existing imagery with. Set your view and click on the save button.