In this post we will show you how to edit your profile for your walkinto account.  Information you include in this profile will be used to create your portfolio page as well in search results in People search, 


Log into your Dashboard and click on edit profile.

Here you can enter all your details to be visible on portfolio page. Profile link is where you can add the text from which the particular profile is going to be searched.You can also add details of your social links that will be visible on your portfolio page. Then save the the details and you can preview the same by clicking on the preview tab on the top right.

The tours in your gallery will be showcased on the portfolio page. The cover photo of your portfolio page is the the home page of your tours and keeps on changing in random sequence.

Note: The tours you have selected not to be shown on the gallery will not be visible on the portfolio page.

You can share, like the portfolio page to social networking sites.

The text you put in the portfolio link in the details form will be your identity on the web for you to get searched. i.e here is formed and is searchable in the same format on the web.

By Default the Profile link is taken as <firstname><lastname>

Profile link is multi-lingual hence you can use your local or any script for the same. 

Example: http://冨山亮太

Flaunt your WalkInto portfolio everywhere.