After installing WalkInto tiler you need to make a few simple preference settings.  This is a one time task unless you need to change it back at some future time.  These preferences are for things such as the default output folder for processed files, Copyright text you want to include on your panorama etc.  In this article we will walk you through the steps to get these preferences setup correctly.

Step 1 : Open Settings dialog box

After installation, the settings page will open up for you automatically.

  • Click the button to browse “Panorama Base Directory” - Here you can select the stitched panos which are available on your local machine.

  • Then Click the button to set your “Tiled File Location” - Here you can give a location on your local machine where tiled panos will be stored after tiling.

  • You can add copyright text for your panos. This will show at the bottom right corner of your imagery

The next steps are required only if you are a PanoHost user

  • In the next step, you have to give your PanoHost FTP user credentials (These are single time configurations. You don’t need to do all the above mentioned steps next time.)
  • Please login with your existing credentials with .

  • Copy the FTP account details and paste it on PanoHost FTP credentials field on Walkinto-Tiler configuration settings page.

  • Click on “Validate” button to validate your FTP credentials.
  • Click on “Save” Button to save all the settings.

Congratulations!  You have configured WalkInto tiler and it is now all ready to tile some panoramas for you!