WalkInto allows you to use your own Google Maps API keys for your tours. Scope of this article is restricted to using and managing the keys in WalkInto. Refer to the article "How to setup Google cloud for using Maps API Keys" for creating and managing the keys in Google Cloud Platform. 

Adding Maps API Keys in WalkInto

After you have created and configured keys in your Google Cloud platform, next step is to add keys in WalkInto. You would add these keys in the Master Settings, available in your WalkInto Dashboard. The key steps are - 

  1. Add keys and give it a unique name 
  2. Test  and verify that the key works well
  3. Save the key

Check the following video for details.

Associating Maps API keys with your tours/easyembeds

Once the keys are added in WalkInto, you could start to use these keys by associating these keys in WalkInto. WalkInto allows you to  - 

  1. Associate a key to a WalkInto Tour or to an Easyembed
  2. Remove a key from a WalkInto Tour or from an Easyembed
  3. When you associate or remove a key from a tour, the changes are reflected immediately without any need to republish a tour.

Check the following video for details.

Managing your Maps API keys

You could manage your keys in WalkInto in several ways - 

  1. Mark a key as default. This would ensure that any key-less tour or easyembed would use the default key. The way WalkInto uses a key is, first it checks if the tour has a directly associated key, if it finds one, it would use it. If it doesnt find tour level key, then it would look for a default key and use it. If it doesnt find any default key, then it would load the tour as a plain StreetView embed.
  2. Disable a key. When you disable a key, WalkInto would not allow you to use that key to associate it with any tour. However any prior association of that key with a tour stay as is.
  3. Delete a key. With this feature, you could delete a key if it is not being used in any tour.
  4. Update a key. You could use this feature to update key name, description etc.

Check the following video for details.