WalkInto allows you to create different Tourcards. Listed below are the Functions and Features of these different tourcards.

Log into
 your dashboard and click on the create new tour or open an existing tour in which you wish to add tourcards.


WalkInto has 3 different tourcards.


1. Focus Tourcard.

2. Viewport Tourcard.

3. 360 Tourcard.


We will discuss about 360 Tourcard in detail here.


360 Tourcard.


This tourcard is useful for cases where you want the information to be always visible on the tour. 

I have created a new tour of a beautiful Pier in the Waimea Bay.


I load the tour in WalkInto editor. Navigate to the panorama where I would like to show the tourcard.


Click on the Add tourcard button on the top bar.

Clicking on the Button will open a dialog box with different types of tourcards to choose from.

Clicking on the 360 Tourcard will open the tourcard.

Default tourcard opens with Title bar and body. This tourcard window can be dragged to any location on the scene where you want to position it. You can use the default template or you can choose from the predefined templates. 

Click on the menu icon on the top right corner of the tourcard. A drop menu shows various options for you to select.

You can copy, delete or preview the tourcard from here. Also, you get more settings. Clicking on the more settings will open a side panel with various different options.

When the more settings side panel is opened, your main tour area becomes non clickable. So to work on your tour, click on the cross button of the side panel to close it. You can configure various options as listed below.

  • In more settings you can name your tourcard, this will help you with tracking the user behavior with tourcards if you link your tour to Google Analytics.
  • You can set the transparency of the Video and Image sections for the predefined templates with these sections.
  • Select if you want the initial view of the card as window or icon.
  • Select if you want to show the close button on the tourcard or not.
  • Select if you wish to show tourcard everywhere.
  • Select if you want to keep it draggable.
  • Set if you want the tourcard to be seen as flat or embossed.
  • Predefined templates of the tourcards are also available here for you to choose from. 

To save any changes you make here, just click on the Tick mark on the top right corner and the changes will reflect on your tourcard.

Let me put some content on the tourcard using a predefined template which has Video and Text section.

Click on the Tick button to save the change and return to editing tourcard.

Now lets customize the hotspot. First we will add some data to it i.e. video, text. 

Above we added a video and some text to the tourcard. WalkInto gives a lot of flexibility to the user. Font awesome lets you change the font, font size and other options to your liking.

Clicking on the text you want to customize will open the text bar with options of font, size, alignment and various other options. You can make the changes and simply click on the tick icon on the top of the tourcard window to save the changes.

Now that our tourcard is ready. We can either keep it show everywhere tourcard or we can copy and paste it on the panoramas we wish to show it on. 

To show everywhere simply click on the show everywhere option in more settings side panel.

To copy-paste the tourcard. Click on the more button on the right top corner of the tourcard and click on Copy.

Navigate to the view where you want to paste the tourcard.

Click on paste button at the bottom right corner of the screen to paste it.