WalkInto allows you to create different Tourcards. Listed below are the Functions and Features of these different tourcards.

Log into
 your dashboard and click on the create new tour or open an existing tour in which you wish to add tourcards.


WalkInto has 3 different tourcards.


1. Focus Tourcard.

2. Viewport Tourcard.

3. 360 Tourcard.


We will discuss about Viewport tourcard in detail here.


Viewport Tourcard.

This tourcard is useful when you want to show a tourcard only in a specified viewport.

I have created a new tour of a Real Estate as example.


I load the tour in WalkInto editor. Navigate to the area which I want to show the tourcard to appear when I look at specific area on the image. 


Click on the Add tourcard button on the top bar.

Clicking on the Button will open a dialog box with different types of tourcards to choose from.

Select the Viewport tourcard option.

A tourcard will open with title bar and text.

Clicking on set boundary icon will open you a pop up asking you to set the boundary for the tourcard to appear.We can select the boundary by panning and zooming into the desired scene.

For illustration I have drawn a Red box on the above image to demonstrate the boundary for the Viewport corresponding to this tourcard. Once you adjust the Viewport to suit your needs, click on the Green Tick and your Viewport for the tourcard will get fixed. We can set the position of the tourcard where it should appear by just dragging the tourcard to the desired point and its position will be saved.

We can edit the tour card by Clicking on the text field you want to edit and a tool bar appear on the top where you find various options that can be used in editing the tour card.

For more options and selecting predefined templates you can click on the dots that appear on the top bar of the tourcard. A slider will slide from the right of the screen with advanced options for the tourcard.

Here are various options available in the advanced settings. 

- Setting a name for the tour card will help you to identify and see its usage statistics in Google analytics

- We can also set transparency level of Image or the Video Section if we select predefined template with the Video or Image section.

- We can give option to user to weather he/she wants to close the tourcard when it appears.

- We can also chose an option to how the tourcard should look like (Embossed/Flat).

- We can select from various pre-defined templates that are available and add/edit content accordingly.

We can also copy the tour card and use it in another scene if required. Clicking on the dots on the tool bar of the tour card will open a dropdown which will have a copy button 

After copying the tourcard, switch to the required scene and click on the paste button at the bottom right of your screen, tourcard will appear. Click on the boundary hotspot icon and select the view and click on the green tick button to save the tourcard on that scene.